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Chapter 111




Garden Song

Called you up, when I was down
Felt like trash on the side of the road
I got stormy clouds raining down on me

You said 'Get out of bed, go outside,
the sky is so blue it looks photoshopped'
So I followed your words, and when I stepped outside

I heard crickets singing
A scent of lavender, buzzing bees on marigold
I knew then, where you'd find me

Oh, find me in the garden
Oh, down on my knees
Looking at all those different colours, changing day by day

Oh, find me in the garden
Oh, come lie with me
Watch the sun set by the oak trees under sleepy clouds

Oh, you found me in the garden
Oh, now you're next to me
I look at you, in the sunlight until it fades away


Garden SongColour Of Rice
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